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About Chris and Sue

Speak to me to discover how you can save on your bills and unlock the UK’s cheapest energy. ue superfast broadband from just £19.99*. hris and Sue. We are the spirit of the old hippies from the 1960's! We love to share good things like music, food and ideas. When we share something like a recipe we don't lose anything. We both gain in life and joy. Sharing, to us is what life is about. It's what makes us grow as human beings. Back in July 1998 a good friend shared UW with us and we would be privileged if we could pass the joy and share it with you. We'd love to have a chat and maybe make a new friend.

Why UW?

What is UW?

About UW

UW offers some of the UK's cheapest energy deals available today in places like Brough.

And you unlock more savings on your energy when you also switch your broadband, mobile and insurance to UW. That's why so many of our customers get recommended to UW by a Partner like Chris and Sue from Brough.

Chris and Sue is an authorised UW Partner, offering a personal service to help you get exactly what's right for you.

Utility Warehouse is trusted by over 1,000,000 customers across the UK, and we've been offering award winning services in Brough and beyond for over 25 years. Want to find out more? Then get in touch with Chris and Sue today.


Earn more than an income as a UW Partner

As a Partner you can make money in Brough or wherever it is you live by helping others switch to benefit from UW services. It's a flexible way to earn extra money and get a passive income.

You can earn up to £250 for every person you help sign up to UW, plus a whole host of other benefits like holidays, hampers, events and more!

Earn money by recommending our services to others. It's a flexible way to earn extra money from home in Brough

Save over £200 a year on your home services

When you bundle three or more of your energy, broadband, mobile or insurance to UW.
Take Two or More Services

Cheapest energy deals in Brough

You can unlock the UKs cheapest deals when you bundle with UW. Speak to Chris and Sue to find out why we're the best value energy provider in not just Brough, but the whole of the UK. The more services you switch to UW, the more you save on your energy.
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