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Broadband deals in Stockport

Utility Warehouse

Our broadband packages in Stockport cater for everyone – whether you’re a keen gamer or a casual video caller, whether you’re in a big family home or a cosy two bed apartment. With internet speeds of up to 500Mbps, a free UW Wi-Fi Hub, and the option to upgrade to the new Amazon eero devices for as little as £5 a month, we can provide some of the best broadband in Stockport. Oh, and did we mention that our plans start at just £26 a month for new customers if you have other services with us too?

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How does UW work?

At Utility Warehouse, we like to do things a bit differently. We bundle all your home services (energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance) into one, simple bill – helping you save time and unlock savings and benefits.

Even better, we use a team of distributors, called Partners, to ensure you get a package that's tailored to your needs.

To find out more about our broadband deals in Stockport and other services, get in touch with one of our authorised Utility Warehouse Partners – they'll guide you through our award-winning multiservice offering.


All your home services in one

Broadband in Stockport

Choose the internet connection that works best for you subject to availability.

Ultra – has an average speed of 35Mbps, perfect for browsing social media and sending emails
Ultra Plus – has an average speed of 63Mbps, ideal for streaming HD movies and video calls
Full Fibre 100 – has an average speed of 100Mbps, great for online gaming on multiple devices
Full Fibre 500 – has an average speed of 500Mbps, best for heavy usage across multiple devices

UW Wi-Fi Hub

Our UW Wi-Fi Hub comes free with all of our broadband packages and recently achieved a Which? Best Buy. They described it as "one of the best routers we've tested", which is why it is the ideal companion for broadband. And it can be made even better with our Whole Home Wi-Fi solution as well.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Thanks to our special partnership with Amazon, UW customers in Stockport can boost the range of their Wi-Fi by adding Amazon eero devices to their broadband deal. They'll also get the eero Secure app, worth £25 a year. It gives you extra features such as parental controls, advanced security, ad blockers and more.

One of the best broadband providers in Stockport

We just launched Utility Warehouse's best ever broadband deal. New multiservice customers can now get lightning fast broadband in Stockport, from as little as £26 a month. Even better, you won't get any mid-contract price rises, guaranteed. That means you can have peace of mind knowing you'll get our best ever broadband prices for the first 18 months of your contract.

Full Fibre in Stockport

More homes across the UK are becoming Full Fibre-ready every day. What is Full Fibre broadband? It's lightning quick internet delivered by optic cables straight to your home

This makes it the ideal choice for keeping up with the tech in your home. Get in touch with your local UW Partner to find out more about full fibre availability in Stockport.

Partners serving Stockport

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Heaton Chapel

I have three beautiful children, an amazing partner and two very mad doggies. I run my own business as a therapeutic counsellor. Through UW, I am building a future that will allow me to achieve a healthier work-life balance to spend more time with my family. I really do get so much joy from helping people. I believe in helping people to get a better, fairer deal with their bills. But also really do love helping people with their self-development, and seeing them grow and flourish in a business and partnership with UW. Please drop me a message or call and we can have a chat about how I can help you. Can't wait! Have a fabulous day.

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South Reddish

I've always considered myself quite savvy when it comes to switching services for the home – and all the more so in this current climate, where we all need that extra help. My friend mentioned she had saved money herself with UW, so offered to run me a review. I was shocked to find I could save £157 per month. That's absolutely another holiday or two for me, so I jumped in straight away! Drop me a message for your free, confidential, no-obligation call and let me show you what I can do for you.

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High Peak

I do this business with my husband Sebastian, and we are based in New Mills. We found out about UW through social media. We were naturally recommending the savings and simplicity to friends and family. Then, a colleague told me you could have your own business with UW, and took me to a presentation. No staff, no stock, no paperwork, no stress and no boss! It seemed obvious to register as a Partner. With great training from the company, we now thoroughly enjoy making a difference by helping others: not only saving money, but helping them create an additional income, building a business for themselves, their families and their future in these uncertain economic times.

Our best broadband deal ever

Whether you're a pro gamer or just want to stream the occasional movie, our internet packages cater for all – with speeds of up to 500 Mbps.The best bit is that our offers start from just £26 for new multiservice customers with no sneaky mid-contract price rises, guaranteed.
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broadband deals in [linked_area_page_name]

Over a million reasons to join

More than a million households have switched to UW, putting an end to wasting time and money on bills.If you switch three or more services and use our Cashback Card, but don't see savings in your first year, we'll pay you double the difference back.
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Over a million reasons to join

Our peace of mind promise

When you switch all your home services to UW you’ll always get our best value deals, all in one simple and easy to manage bill. Plus, we’ll give £400 towards any early termination fees with existing suppliers and 30 days to change your mind without any penalty^.
Save a bundle
The UW peace of mind promise offers up to £400 towards early termination fees with existing suppliers

Earn more than an income as a UW Partner

Our Partners make money in Stockport by recommending UW services to others. It's a flexible way to earn extra money and get a passive income.You can earn up to £250 for every person you help sign up to UW, plus a whole host of other benefits like holidays, hampers, events and more!
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Utility Warehouse offers you a unique opportunity to partner with us and earn money by recommending our services to others. It's a flexible way to earn extra cash from home. Try it now!

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