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We're proud to offer a great unlimited mobile deal in Huddersfield. For just £23 a month, you can get unlimited data, texts, and minutes. And that's just for your first Unlimited+ SIM - when you take another Unlimited+ SIM, they are just £8 a month. Plus, our network covers 99% of the UK, so you should have excellent service all over Huddersfield. Even better news - all our packages are completely flexible and allow you to keep the same number, making switching to UW simple.

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How does UW work?

At Utility Warehouse, we like to do things a bit differently. We bundle all your home services (energy, broadband and mobile plans) into one, simple bill – helping you save time and unlock savings and benefits.

Even better, we use a team of authorised distributors, called Partners, to ensure you get a package that's tailored to your needs.

To find out more about our Mobile deals in Huddersfield and other services, get in touch with one of our authorised Utility Warehouse Partners – they'll guide you through our award-winning, multiservice offering.


All your home services in one

Best UW mobile deals in Huddersfield

We have a great value Unlimited mobile deal in Huddersfield. For just £23 a month, you can get unlimited data, texts, and minutes.

And thats just for your first Unlimited+ SIM - when you take a second, third or fourth Unlimited+ SIM, they are just £8 a month.

All of our mobile SIM deals in Huddersfield, are on a flexible contract, so you can always be sure you've got the package that works best for you.

And you always have the option to either keep your current phone number or get a new one - the choice is yours.

Why choose UW for Mobile?

Our SIM only packages are second to none. Here's what's included in both:

Pick the SIM option that works best for you

This multi-SIM deal is perfect for keeping everyone connected at all times, so you'll never need to worry about anyone in the family running out (or paying extra) for data ever again.

A great value UW SIM-only deal in Huddersfield

Get unlimited data for all the family with our great value SIM cards in Huddersfield.

You can start with your first Unlimited+ SIM for just £23 per month. Then up to three additional SIMs for anyone else become only £8 per month.

So for as little as £8 for each extra SIM, your friends and family can use all the data, texts, and calls their hearts desire. Bargain.

Partners serving Huddersfield

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I’m a mum to 3 children and a cockerpoo and I’m also a Grandma! I joined Utility Warehouse in June 2018 because, even though I had my own business, I needed an extra £1000+ a month to give me extra money for the nice things in life such as days out, holidays and also to cover the not so nice things such as increased living costs! My son was just 3 at the time and so I needed the flexibility to be able to earn extra money, from home, around his routine and this fitted perfectly as I could work as and when I wanted. My passion to help people earn extra money has led me to being one of the top leaders in our business So, if you’re looking to either Save money, Earn money or Both then I can help so drop me a message today Samantha Earnshaw 07585 129220

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I started as a UW Partner in May 2020 after being made redundant. It was meant to be a stop-gap whilst in lockdown but I love it so much that it has become my main source of income. Being a UW Partner has given me so much flexibility that my 9-5 job never did. I now get to take my kids to and from school and have dinner with them each evening (something I used to pay a childminder for). I have even started drumming lessons – a life-long dream which UW has afforded me the time to do! Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly bills, or earn extra income in your spare time, get in touch. I would love to talk and help.

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Whether individuals seek to trim their expenses or crave superior service, Nwamaka is poised to lend a helping hand. For Huddersfield residents ready to seize control over their household expenditures while indulging in outstanding service, Nwamaka Egbeogu is the person to connect with. Reach out today to explore how Utility Warehouse can simplify your life and elevate your overall experience!

Our great value Unlimited+ multi-SIM deal

It's a bold claim but here's why. After your first Unlimited+ SIM at £23, you can get up to three extra SIMs for only £8 each. It's great value on Unlimited SIMs and perfect for keeping everyone at home connected.
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Over a million reasons to join

More than a million households have switched to UW, putting an end to wasting time and money on bills.If you switch three or more services and use our Cashback Card, but don't see savings in your first year, we'll pay you double the difference back.
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Over a million reasons to join

Our peace of mind promise

When you switch all your home services to UW you’ll always get our best value deals, all in one simple and easy to manage bill. Plus, we’ll give £400 towards any early termination fees with existing suppliers and 30 days to change your mind without any penalty^.
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The UW peace of mind promise offers up to £400 towards early termination fees with existing suppliers

Earn more than an income as a UW Partner

Our Partners make money in Huddersfield by referring others to UW so they can sign up as customers. It's a flexible way to earn extra money and get a passive income. You can earn up to £250 for every person you help sign up to UW, plus a whole host of other benefits like holidays, hampers, events and more!
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Utility Warehouse offers you a unique opportunity to partner with us and earn money by recommending our services to others. It's a flexible way to earn extra cash from home. Try it now!

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